If an attempt was made to raise the arm to a vertical position it failed, unless the lower angle of the scapula was drawn outward, thus making good the deficient action of the Placzek also showed a patient who suffered from spasm of the masseter muscle. No peculiar symptom manifested itself during the period of parturition. B, desirous of becoming a Fellow, asks on the spot for the signature of A; and it must be confessed there is a difficulty, and it seems ungracious to refuse so small a favour to one who is paying the highest possible compliment to the professional talents of the aforesaid Fellow. In this thev differ from the multicellular organism. Exposure to cold and excessive muscular exercise have been supposed to produce it. I mention these to show that the affection in the guinea-pig is much more easily produced than in the rabbit. Guaco was dropped into the right ear, and secured by a small plug of gutta percha, the latter having a coating A pill of rhubarb and aloes was ordered every day after dinner; and three drachms of tinct. Many of these glands correspond with the sweat-glands of tiie skin in being similarly scattered under tlie surface. It having been determined, then, that focal adjustment should take place in the optical portion of the microscope, the next point for consideration is the mode of effecting it. The affection occurs in the rarest diseases.

Frequently the accumulation of intestinal contents at the seat of the invagination gives rise to a tumor appreciable by the eye and touch, and to dulness on percussion. The unions, etc, already announced in this Journal as joined together for this purpose are the following: Westminster with Kensington; Newington with St. Muscular exertion, unduly great or prolonged, is a powerful auxiliary cause.

This is, I believe, a legitimate result of the predisposing influence of inheritance, namely, the increased vulnerability of the tissues and the weakened individual resistance, rather than an expression of the increasing While the presence of the bacilli is an essential factor in the development of the disease, likewise is the character of the soil, else" the seed has fallen in stony places." The wide distribution of the bacillus and the innumerable opportunities for exposure in everyday life, without subsequent evidence of infection, emphasizes to my mind the paramount practical significance of the predisposing influences. Considering the number of cut throats which occur, it is somewhat remarkable that these parts do not oftener suffer; but, although the carotids and jugulars are seldom implicated, alarming haemorrhage freqtiently occurs from the smaller vessels, giving rise to immediate danger; and, should this be stayed either by art or the natural haemostatics, the patient serum, formation of pus, recurring haemorrhage, with other complications to which all wounds are more or less liable, being not only possible but extremely probable. In fewinstances, however, was therapeutic action directly traceable to chemical properties; and therapeutic effects were by no means always in proportion to chemicil energy. The male organs in both Monotremes consist of a testis, vas deferens, Covvper's glands, and penis: there are neither prostatic glands Tlje Monotremes are true testiconda, and in this respect differ from the Marsupial animals. The lack of correspondence in the two maps is very marked. It would seem that very slow destruction of the cortical motor area causes no sensory disturbance, while sudden lesions produce anesthesia. A similar relation of the constituent parts of the liver exists in the embryo of the bird; in it the yellowish twiglike ramifications of the biliary canals are seen on the surface of the organ rising out of a M. Anaesthesia and analgesia of the surface have also been observed, affecting limited portions of the integument of the body and extremities. To take the pencil L, for instance, which enters the eye at R B, H B; it is bent to the right at the first lens, and to the left at the second; and as each refraction alters the direction of the blue rays more than of the red, and moreover, as the blue rays fall nearer the margin of the second lens, where the increased power of the refraction, consequent upon the distance from the centre, compensates in some degree for the greater focal length of the second lens, the blue and red rays will emerge very nearly parallel, and are therefore colourless to the eye. Author of (i)"On the Arrangement of the Muscular Fibres in the Ventricles of GangUa and Nerves of the Heart, and tlieir Connexion with the Cerebro-spinal and Sympathetic Systems in Mammalia" (Prcc. It gives rise, also, to pain in the head, dulness of the mind, flushing of the face, palpitation, and general malaise.

These witnesses may be divided into three classes, viz.

The throat showed some chronic follicular pharyngitis, with anemia of membrane. All these conditions are caused by an increase iu the intraocular pressure.