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mortify from the pressure ; in other cases there is inflammation and
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carditis, arising from internal causes, attacks those portions of the endo-
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thoracic duct When the subclavian vein is filled to distention, the flow
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(1896), III, 31, 36-41. — * Sur un cas de guenson d'actinomycose. Sem.
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added In many emphysematous patients the structural alteration of the
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tonitis. We agree fully with those who consider the application of
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defibrinated, and the corpuscles washed and centrifugated until entirely free from
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breaking down of miliary tubercle; these never become so extensive
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be compelled before many hours to ligate or constrict the iliae
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had received two previous injections with African spirochete on October 4 and
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the nose gives to all sounds a peculiar tone, which is called u nasal,"
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gled, and by the employment of a low magnifying power may be recog-
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tuation occurs in the middle of the hard swelling in the peruueum, or
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The second ligature, which embraced some muscular fibres on
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what in a mass, in a species of recess of the vagina, behind
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in extensive ascites, the percussion is dull over the entire anterior ab-
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According to the lucid and concise account of Bokitansky y the
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left hypochondrium ; and, while the shape of the swelling reminds us
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pitals. Many patients are received in a condition so wretched that a
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surface is granulated, especially when viewed by oblique light, and this
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of the body, and being under tlie dependence of the strongly-centralized
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which adhere firmly to the mucous membrane. The titillation in the
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than the location of the adult parasite, is the chief factor in the distribution of
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aus der Zunge (Demonstration). Munchener med. Wchnsch. (1901), 48,
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present no symptoms, either subjective or objective, of disease of the
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unpleasant jarring sensation from the thoracic wall, we have the " strong