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affected alone. Trauma, such as forcible twisting of the neck, has been
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of its epidermic layer. The hands and feet on both aspects are the
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may or may not be covered with a small, thin, fine scale. Like " planus
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morphous cells having the appearance of connective tissue cells, especially
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The signe ascending; vis., HOP is in the figure most afflicted by
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on one side neither touch nor prick. Now let the mode of testing be
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Meeting "Doctor" X. one day in a public library, I sought
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cortical, and I still think so ; it is often unattended with anaesthesia, and
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(oleum cadini), beech tar (oleum fagi), and birch tar (oleum rusci).
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bore is an inconvenience, however, since it retards filling,
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latter case wheals do not arise " spontaneously," but only in response to
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whose skin slight friction causes a perfect bulla at once, constituting the
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Several varieties — possibly distinct species. Parasite of pigeons, jays, crows, etc.
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est extant upon medicine. Dioscorides, a writer on materia
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constitute the crime of treason ; and the perception by the community of
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jective symptoms to fancy or malingering. I may give another example :
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matter itself. The meninges of the brain and spinal cord may be
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name to signify the rough, scaly plugs which often project from the hair
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... .^-4',^.. .' ,• .-. .^^•...:., -i^-pose than to
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Monsey (Lord Chancellor Cranworth's great-grandfather),
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disposed to cordially agree with him. Hippocrates and Are-
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often followed by a gloom of nervous exhaustion. Here again the genius
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he will have an opportunity of stating his case in court and exposing his
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effectual when long continued ; but, generally speaking, the hair grows as
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general nervous tone is becoming re-established, let the patient take his
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zinc paste, mixed with laudanum, has given excellent results. All caustics
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consciousness as a permanent source of disturbance ("foreign body"), and
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ating in the deeper layers of the cutis. In exceptional cases they affect
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(4) Mechanical stage, which moves the object about on the
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rarely results from cerebral disease ; while from the monoplegia of
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subjects which are terrible and uncanny fascinate them. They will pore
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way as we find in cases of typical general paralysis, or alcoholic insanity ;
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acceptance of the implication of the • neuron in all cases of insanity is
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disease. Doubtless there are hysterical patients who have no anaes-
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common of the two. It involves a considerable part of one hemisphere,
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human testimony, of the occasional appearance of such
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narcotics. It may be, too, that in the neurotic the poison of syphilis
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agent may cause clouding of the glass. Do not employ this for
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your three kingdoms." Cynical and harsh to men, Radcliffe
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whether he had followed a prescription given him by the
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cells in serum or plasma or in 20 percent bovine al-
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This division between the moving body and the actuating " self " may
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5. If the epidermic scale is removed 5. The surface exposed by removal
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influence on another ; or, again, those which are without effect at one
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secutory. On the whole, the exalted paranoiac shows less general in-
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any marks or history of syphilis or other arterial disease will be duly