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if there is a concurrent infection by influenza, diphtheria,

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only described by a few patients. Far more frequently there are other

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published their " carbon monoxide method " of estimating the

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w^hich will be appropriate will be indicated by the following instructions : —

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drops every two hours, or give a teaspoonful a short time before

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and that no one nowadays contracts a chancre who has not been in-

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Among the syphilitic diseases of internal organs, syphilitic hepatitis

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be obvious to any who has observed the attenuated flattened

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and anus. It can often distinctly be perceived that the lips of the

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death, are discovered. If it were necessan,- to operate on all

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carry the patient in comparative comfort to the time of

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the probe carious bone could be felt in the region of the

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pleasant effect upon the senses, hysterical persons complain if we

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certain size, remains stationary ; and a kind which grows continually,

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the groove of the hiatus semilunaris, may involve the maxiilaiy

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localization is an intense hypersemia and catarrh (throwing off of the

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lecturing on surger}', while Fergusson was coming on behind.

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I was disposed to try the removal of the urethra with the

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way that would kill any trichinae present. Whoever wishes to eat

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the bowel from without may be the cause, thus abdominal

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tend to subside in the course of three or four days, but reappear

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elements of a transitory nature, and in which degeneration, death,

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as their successes, more than has hitherto been done. The trust-

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titia is thickened and fatty, their calibre diminished or closed.

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has been secured, the hallucinations may not recur, and further

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considerable mass of data from various sources which still

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normal ; the serous covering usually participates in the inflammation.

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its periphery are very apt to occur. In the latter case, the blood is

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