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tinct. It is sometimes more difficult to distinguish athetoid movements

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affection, without any assignable cause, and is entirely free from per-

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the retained reflexes. This same morbid condition may be met with in

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may the obstruction prove in some cases as to result in inflammation,

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thick and prominent, sometimes overhanging, abdominal panniculus adi-

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prostration become extreme. The duration varies from ten to eighteen

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these printed notes enables the teacher to devote much time to quizzing

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headaches, pains in and about the throat and neck, with soreness

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splenic enlargement without involvement of the lymphatics. The fol-

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Pathology. — The disease is characterized by the formation of small

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bowel. All other signs and symptoms of one affection may have their

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plains the most unpleasant feature of the affection — namely, the hor-

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the pain by exciting the production of gas. A change of air has im-

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remnants only of the renal structure remain in the walls of the hydro-

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in a series of 110 cases.' The blood-phites are generally fewer than

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cases grave as to recovery, though the disease does not shorten life.

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from ^ to 1 inch (1.2-2.5 cm.) beyond the right sternal margin. Dila-

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with the presence, in old people mainly, of enteroliths (calcified scyb-

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ing, jactitation, and explosive expiratory sounds may occur. There is

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absolutely. This precautionary measure will often lessen the extent of

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Her health was very good and continued so until June, 1910. Her

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the heart, absence of arterio-sclerosis, of excessive hypertrophy, of

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ments to those so severe as to toss the individual about. The face, pale

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no doubt that a resection of the tube is a procedure which should

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(TTLvijss-oijss — 0.5-10.0, daily). The preparation known as ferratin is

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formed by the different varieties of microorganisms found in the intes-

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term "apparently cured" for its best results, and the regular

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it is by numerous very satisfactory illustrations, a large proportion of

prices on goodyear allegra

ing mucous tissues. A moist cough may be indicative of the

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tutes of Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence in the Jefferson Medical College of Phila-