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had been vaccinated only once as infants. There were about forty
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cember, 18SU, and .January, isfl, and the Monatsliefle Itir praklisclie henna-
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duced in flesh by attacks extending over four years, but after two
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acts in, and may rapidly become maniacal. The expression then is
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unlike other affections of the gastro-intestinal tract. In contrast to
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proteins there must alwa>'s be a nke^' ^j^^^^ f/aJaace Ujiv*?^ tiit
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and compounders of drugs. AVhen I qualified, a long while
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GENERAL HOSPITAL. Birmingham.— Assistant House-Surgeon. No
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these vasomotor nerves is to regulate the distribution of blood both
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gastric ulcer is very limited. '' Hemmeter says: "The question of the
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doses of 3 or 4 drops three tunes a day, but in my opinion with no
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is in the lower section of the pons. A lesion in the upper half of the
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ing the degree in question since that date and placing the initials RI D.
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on the face for life. In my experience at the New York Quarantine
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gallantry. A\'ill it be believed that this offii'er, to whom the
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leisen's erysipelas. After an erysipelatous inflammation the skin
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business, obliges me to think that that busina^s may possibly he what
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with loaf gingerbread, rather than any other cake, the ginger in it
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hypodermic injections of morphin, the dose of which is to be left to the
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should recommend him to try Sauitas oil well rubbed in.