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ed feature of the case ; but the man had been carefully watched,

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de Thirapeutique for March, over the sijjnature of F., in an article on this

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very prevalent at Edinburgh and Leith. In the Report of the Regis-

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hollow tubes — a cast of the intestine — frequently twelve inches in

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ments: — Drs. Clarkson T. Collins, Chairman, (ireat Harrington; C. C.

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origin. In tetanus and strychnine poisoning, it is valueless,

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stnge, sometimes described as the anodyne stage, occurs

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with fatty degeneration, the coronary arteries as a rule being ossi-

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the opening, it was more perfect than either of the others ; both

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this is compact, arc as injurious as fragments of the nucleus. On tho

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toxic doses of carbolic acid and alcohol, and with the ad-

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tlii-i course of medication, when generally ft)liowed, will rob this

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mature birth, 3 — disease of the spine, 1— purpura, 1 — unknown, 8.

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there on his face, though he was not then aware of it. This state-

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and Dr. Banks, proving, amongst other things, that the disease is

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Sodium Phosphate.— C, lb. 1-1^ (gm. 500.-750,). H. & Sh., oz. 2-4

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servations should be carefully made, not only on black vomit, but on

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dy decidedly diminished. From the very small size of the pupil,

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Bt E. N. Cuapkax, M.D., Prof, op Thebapectics. Materia Medica, &c.

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augment the pulse rate and vascular tension. In large doses,

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Pupil small. On section throufjh the plane of the lon;ritudinal

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an ointment, varying from white to yellowish or yellow ;

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antipyretics will not lower the temperature in health.

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it contains a large amount of valuable and original matter. It is a

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carbonate de cliaux precipite, craie precipitee, Fr.; prse-

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this condition, before the disintegration is irreparable, we bring to

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thema syphiliticum maculo-papulosum reaches to the wrist, the above-

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ter. This formed a muddy solution of a light reddish brown tint.

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the mechanism controlling the heart, and since it is difficult

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within outwards. Upon examination, no injury of the bone or

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gastric and salivary secretion, and acts, both locally and

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ing him can-fully, it appeared that the sudden flow of blood into the

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found that the adhesions which bound it so firmly to the abdominal

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appears, when the dose may be reduced to one-half this

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rhoids ; fistula in ano ; primary and secondary s.yphilis : aneurism ;

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horse in 24 hours, for there appears to be a special tolerance

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Aft'iirs and the Jililitia, in the Senate of tlie United States, to whom was refeiTCd the petition

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antidote, to form insoluble sulphates in the bowels. The

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selves, and the patient's general system has become, as it were, ac-

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zur's plan, which interferes more with the peritoneum than mine,