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these particulars, the information detailed in the work before us is
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acid alcohol and read spectrophotometrically. AuchS extracts
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in the sound side. 1 recollect a case of very extensive pneumonia, in which
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ture normal; eating well. Moves unaided from bed to chair. Is dressed
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derangement of the heart's action, and so far had escaped one of the conse-
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extends to the sphincters and surrounding muscles, which are thus
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out being separated into .serum and coagulum. About the same period, without
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of the relative and the death bed scene. What had happened was
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the limb, properly supported by splints, was placed upon a double inclined
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become, in a great degi'ee, paralyzed; so that it was necessary to employ the ca-
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Hundreds of patients die of bronchitis and pneumonia, in whom life might be
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those cysts, corresponding with the number of attacks, and presenting various
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the circulation of the blood, the influence of which is variously modified by the
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Failure of eyesight as an initial or even an early symptom was
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pancreas, breast, testicle, thyroid, etc. The fall in blood-pressure
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It was noted that the leukocytes increased under the benzol from
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Dr. Blackford: The extracts of definite exophthalmic thyroid pro-
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For this affection the patient has tried a variety of trusses, with strong .springs
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in some instances represent the bacterial stage of the disease. A
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4. Marked enlargement of the spleen. The spleen may be so
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contain between 80 and 90 per cent, of all the cases. The exact
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ed by a stick or some hard substance. In examining the lungs, a
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I3oth of these spots had a well defined margin, and were equally visible on the
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comfort, or even of life itself. That superficial observers should look
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principle in the case of children somewhat older than those that
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tard very strongly the flow of urine, one of two consequences gene-
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lysis has happened several times during the lifetime of the patient, a number of
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history of his case was, that four or hve months since he experienced an attack
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and memory very good. No cephalalgia or vertigo; senses natural;
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string will go, a wire will go; and every stricture which will admit a string
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the misapplication and failure of lithotripsy, but the point most com-
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remains constant during all respiratory phases and the epigastrium
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beat forty in the minute, intermitting at the thirtieth, now beat but
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2. Distribution by Symptoms. Table V shows the number of
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Clemens. Ehrlich's Reagent in Pathological Urines, D. Archiv. f. klin. Med.,
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* Water (Iri-ssiiip is a local apg>lieati()n to wounds and ulods ri'commendcd by Dr. Mai'artm y, tin-
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method and a greater number of critical comments (favorable or
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letter; my object being to prevent those who were going to the dry bracing air of