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tion TCould allow of their being kept elsewhere, while there
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Thomas Wasson, and the Exhibits and Information therein, being filed and read and used as
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to the absorption of the cantharides, and their specific action on the urethra. Thus
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It seems to me that in obstetric cases, we do not place half as much con-
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for, in the first place, these anastomoses are not real communications of the pri-
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cated the muscles of the legs. The temperature, pulse, and respiration,
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especially of the pauper insane, and of those in humble
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Dr. Williams moved, seconded by Dr. Bray, that the report of the committee to strike
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been assured by Dr. Angus Smith and others, that this was almost an
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hands. Dr. Coats has ample pathological material at command in
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these cases as they are all more or less like each other. Suffice it to say that the
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the Eastern unions in which action had been tardy, was the state of
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acidity of the urine ; no alteration of the alvine discharges. In other
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to the amendment let me say that the so-called combined committee is very little different
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traction of surrounding textures is resisted either by the situation or the
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tract"; but though by many authors it is recognised as "the proper
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asking members of this Council to indicate their appreciation of the views expressed in the
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pletely conscious of his situation. He took freely of barley water and soup
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rieties in the respiration made me suspect the existence of aneurism or tumours,
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disease to have been seated, as was supposed, in the arteria innominata. — Lan-
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We had altogether 124 cases of injury to the upper extremity, 18 of
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extent of the assistance given by neutral nations, including England,
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The horrid example selected is apparently Dr. Charlton Bastian, whose
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the organization of the board should be completed by the appointment of representatives
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with the insane. The desirableness of this arrange-
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Corporations last year. They only desired that every one should be
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large number of small calculi. The bladder was extremely irritable
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these will, I regret to say, involve some statistics ; but I have made
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across, not far from its junction with the fifih pair. Pricking and pinching the
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304 Hays's Report of Cases Treated in Wills Hospital,
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that class of diseases, and we cannot but express regret at his having preferred
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that we consider in what respect the institution may
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in the habit of using a consolidating mixture, in their treatment of fractures;
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are led to judge that, in typhus and the exanthemata, it is from the ex-
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instantly returned to the former position. The operation was performed pre-
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not to the limited purposes committed to it by the Medical Act.
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capillaries, from obstruction in the heart or large vessels, by which the sanguine
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conjecture, however, is thrown out more as an explanation of the anomaly,
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investigation of the subject, report in the most favourable and even enthusi-