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universally received in respect to the specific contagious diseases, smallpox,

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tions which characterize pleurisy, viz: — effusion of fluid into the right

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concealed pregnancy, and fourthly, the heart-affection. The case

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speedily arrested. I can recommend the plan to general practitioners when they

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upon the use of instruments for the restoration of the left.

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human subject, and appeared always to retain its normal character.

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The anomalies of the arteries and veins, I pass over in silence. Ochler

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whose vital stamina was reduced by the comparative privations of a

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(ptosis) of the bowel, and partial obstruction of the canal

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hospital, or maternity establishment. That no still-bom child should

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attended with undue irritation of the bladder and its neck and

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former very congested, as also the vagina; the ovaria containing

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Dr. Hitzig had under observation a case of tabes with strongly

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is but one opinion among our authors, or among men conversant

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is reported in Shaw and Maclean's Scotch Cases, vol. 2.

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profession; and whereas, the remedy for this evil can be effectually applied by

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They are about forty to sixty in number in each cell. That these

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cotine tests. But when he speaks of hydrochloric acid or a

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affections, especially some forms of neuralgia, in doses equally large, and

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doctrines be duly investigated, as professional opinion both in this country and

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the organs of the senses as described by authors; 5th, as tiiese experiments and

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Young children are most susceptible. Carriers probably

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