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mencement of this institution, under the act of incorporation of April^

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condition has b^n essentially improved. With this large number of the

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ranges from 100 to 120, the latter figure being, of course, much exceeded


can be little else than experiments, unless led to them by analogies drawn

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In all the forms in which mercury is exhibited, it requires care and


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regard to musk, that " it exercises a stimulant effect on the nervous sys-

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corrosive sublimate, mustard, oil of turpentine, oil of cinnamou, aod tbe

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removed to an asylum. Females are more predisposed to lead encephalo-

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kxKxwledge; vet in some it will mitigate the distressing symptoms*

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taken from the meat for loss, in cooking, the French rations will contain^

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is rare. Tabetics are liable also to valvular disease of the heart, and of

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develops suddenly. The joint swells, and there may be considerable swell-

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and during the day is liable to choking attacks when taking food. The

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skin less than an inch square occupied by a black mole which was present

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from sudden accidents ; from situations in which death is imminent ; and

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cases will be considered in a special paragraph at the end of this article.

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The local neui^tis manifests itself in various forms of neuralgia and some-

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qualified or corrected its action, and enabled the system to receive a

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with a very large hotel, filled with invaUds in winter. The sea-fogs are at

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vient to respiration. In 38 cases, M. Louis observed this fact 28 times

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heat occurs to a considerable extent from the lungs, but is chiefly due to radiation,

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this whole distance after leaving the turnpike, a most beautiful and ro-

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Cutaneous syphilides do not present more than a superficial resemblance

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thing but sheer imbecility can prevent the immediate ascertaining wheth-

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Chronic cocaine poisoning is an analogue to chronic morphinism. It is

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all his weight upon it. Accompanying the pain there is often vomiting

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Spastic contraction of the bladder, diplopia, deafness, aphasia, and changes

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arachnoid and other membranes of the brain, and is accompanied with

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to them after swallowing the poison, they would not so light-heartedly

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