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patient may better succeed by bending the body forward. The physi-

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MORBID ANATOMY. Tambroni and Pieracini have recorded cases de-

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sumption of a hsematogenous jaundice in which the pigment is supposed

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The symptoms of disease are in large part the outcome of the presence

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When we take into consideration the fact, that a rapid exosmosis of

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at the instigation of Sir Benjamin Brodie, because it was thought that

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which micrococci also existed to some extent in the spinal cord, where

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and of sexual intercourse for one or two years after the attack should be

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and tender. Death may occur suddenly from oedema of the glottis, or

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side of the body is unknown. So far, all attempts to grow the parasite

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PROGNOSIS. Death is very rare in the first attacks of delirium tre-

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hysteria. A central origin for the paralysis is to be found in intra-cranial

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occipital, temporal, and olfactory lobes : so that we may naturally divide

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regarded as predisposing causes, but pregnancy is generally agreed to be

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posing cause an original feebleness of constitution of the nervous system.

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four, six, eight, or ten hours, according to the necessities of the indi-

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it winged its course over continents and oceans, when, its circuit

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In brain-tire it is the brain which must be rested. To rest an over-

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free serous discharges, and the paroxysms of serous purging without