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all the cases in the squadron occurred in the " Euryalus" ; she

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by a foreign physician. As an example of notes of the first

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fourth. Each of these will be set in his or her way, and will generally consider that

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choleraic character or significance observed at Weymouth, either

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symptoms had reference, in any cases, to organic disease of the

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in her facial expression, but both this and the dyspnea quickly

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after the attack was over. In none of them was there anv in-

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already going on. The name " apoplexy/^ for example^ is re-

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supreme nervous centres, — a graduallj efiected modification of the

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small red points, with which the tumour is dotted over. The

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stays. We quite agree with him that ''the extent of vulval

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The chief reason why the invalid in the city should rise early is, that he may

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remedy is administered, the child sinks into insensibility, with great prostration, and

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The specific gravity should vary among the different speci-

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Nitrogen Excretion. — A normal indi\ddual excretes an

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hypertension there may be a diffuse dilatation of the aorta with-

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taken of two villages, and after correction for age and length

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existence of aconite in Mrs. Taylor's (Pritchard's mother-in-

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observed that a remarkable tolerance of alcohol is induced in

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^^ Where the subtlety of nature so far exceeds the subtlety of

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men, 28 women, and 65 children. On the 29th and 30th, two

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ingenuity of our own could have led us to seek for, but which

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From the sixth to the twelfth day the patient was delirious

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cially for the directions and suggestions offered for conducting

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performed by Blot's instrument. Cerebm matter escaped, yet

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mences with an account of a case of compound fracture of the

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violence of any kind — such as rolling on a barrel, be permitted. Incline the head

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which were entrusted, and as it proves wisely, to Dr. Tuckwell,

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being put oat; and which is an expense and a nuisance in various other ways too

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The mechanical equilibrium of the human body may be disturbed or destroyed by

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I would add here, i ha! in cases of nervous persons, who are affected by drinking

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the eye by the direct method of ophthalmoscopy; he now

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21, 43, 52, 58, 62, 66, 74, 75, and 79). In this category I have

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nosis of diabetes. The most probable interpretation was that

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directly or indirectly, the source and support of them all, appear how or where they

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disturbed, error in locaHzation on the right being about twice

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Paper Makers suffer much from the dust arising from cutting the rags. Very