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Journal of the American Medical Association, July lO,
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, Vital Statistics of New York. — During the week end-
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rapid and irregular but there was no evidence of organic
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hospitals, and one is impressed by the conservative
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The Alumni Association of the Lying-in Hospital, of
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the end of a week she arose to attend to her household
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posed to the expenditure of public or private money
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sufferings were terminated by death at five o'clock,
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and brain of the first monkey gave the same lesions
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Case XIX. (29) Male. Optic neuritis; primary, fifteen
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and 1904, p. 131) proclaimed before him practically the
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lous cases in which the specific antibodies are not
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its name ; this name has made for a literal transla-
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mation. Four months ago a nodular syphilide developed
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first hospital designed for the specific purpose of
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of intestinal infection in which there was a sudden
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days' leave of absence from June 27, 1910, under para-
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bandages. The convalescence was rapid and continuous
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All physicians are invited to make a personal investigation.
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rule being preferable, as it is generally of sufficient
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piration aft'ords, in the normal individual, a con-
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statt in 1839. He believed that the cell held within
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vember 21 st. Dr. Joel Hill, aged fifty-five years.
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clearing up — this is what we should expect to find
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Hodder & Stoughtoii, 1910. Pp. xii-384. (Price, $5.50.)
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Opera House. Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan has promised to
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science, notwithstanding years of patient research,
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subject of trachoma in Philadelphia. As cases of this dis-
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that the upper centres react upon the motor cells of
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1. The Clinical Measurement of ]:)iastolic Blood Pressure
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found microscopically to consist of tissue identical
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fastened to the indentation or notch at the lower end of the splint.
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injuries of the lower extremities. The injection is
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Ehrlich-Hata 606. Medizinische Klinik, 1910, 35, p. 1368.
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P. BLAKISTON'S SON & CO., PubUshers, Philadelphia
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Achilles tendon reflex, also ankle clonus, were pres-
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sight of, which is not to enable the patient to stay
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is made, and later are either discharged to the care
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