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after the bleeding, the bronchial membrane will either present a pale and

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sudden changes in temperature ; the severity of catarrhal symptoms will al-

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tion of the left auricle, due to the pressure of the

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viz. : chromogenic or color-forming bacteria, zymogenic or putrefactive bac-

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patient recovers from the shock of the operation. The bowels should

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even though they may .not use alcohol, are also liable to develop this

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ties y?/,s^ sufficient to produce nausea, and tobacco till it begins to sicken.

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goes certain changes which render it incapable of supporting life. The

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quiet and the wound afterwards closely watched. By this time nature

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found must be removed. In the fibrous form, gradual dilatation with a

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The means usually employed for removal of the fluid are hydragogue

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into the system is of any use after the poisons have entered the circula-

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'"'°-^- "" ^^°- lar inflammation. The theory that

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I shall describe nephritis under the following heads :

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struction of the lymphatics with bacteria. "With the gangrenous process