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and prevent a farther continuation of the fever. Formerly, it

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of a bright yellow complexion, that color may be possessed by

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sentencielles dans le processus pénal* (6 févr. 1976)

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For Cesar De Missy (1703-1775), Prussian critic and divine, see V. 3. 3.

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nona quietis | In coitu tria sunt, scilicet appetitus spiritus et humor . . .

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which no doubt partly depends on whether the prophylaAic

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This man took little else than the balsam of copaiba mixture, with the

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Session 2: Diabetes and Mind, Spirit and Emotion I Educator's Guide

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vi, I. made, vi, 2. attached. Two marbled-paper fly-leaves (vii 2 .), vii, 1. made (with

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of the effects of such experiments. The loss of sensation in any part

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Ends (6, 11 [f. 63] v°. line 32): calid . . . multum clarificat IT [red] Idem facit puluis

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Begins (same page, next line) : Here bigynnef a tretis fat is clepid fe | mirrour of

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we believe that the busy general practitioner also will find it a useful

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traitement de la leucémie), est légitime et légale, aux conditions ordinaires, parce que

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in the three cases examined, the basement membrane was

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imbecility being occasionally observ^ed. Headache, in the

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3. What would you do to add or reinforce new habits now?

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stantly passing a current of water, the temperature of which the

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Dr. Thomson or any other individual, for the explanation we have'given

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Ends (15, 7 [f. 159] v°. col. b, line 16): If [rubricated] Rosaceum violaceum

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Explain that people with diabetes use a meter to learn how much sugar is in the blood.

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Professor of the Institutes of Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence in Transylvania Uni-

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so far as I am aware, is never atrophied after mumps, in the

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or by the vacuum electrode. In all cases, it is wise also to

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culide theory to adopt this view, are briefly as follows :—

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undergoes remarkably little disturbance. The temperature

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the other. The sound eye should be covered by a Buller's

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eulogizes as safe and proper. From a volume Written by such a

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4. " Index Autorum, qui a Scoliaste Manuscripto citantur."

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Mayou, M. S. : " On Microphthalmos," T.O.S., Vol. XXIV., p. 346 ; Huntetian

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that it is conveyed by the bite of a tick {Derittacentor occi-