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ance with the plan adopted by the Association at the
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and young adults. Until these questions are more definitely setded from a
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child goes to school he infects some of his schoolmates. Some few years ago
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is regarded as a grave sign. Toward the latter part of the second week, if
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of smallpox, though Rhazes assumes that he knew the disease. It is possible
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precipitins, and various amboceptors, the nature and function of the par-
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look to us for correct rulings based on adequate scientific
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Heidenhain demonstrated the existence of small rod-like
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hemorrhages may be seen. Pyelitis is very rare and was found in only one
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opinion among the physicians and surgeons upon some of the
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Neither in man nor in the monkey, nor in any other animal experimented
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of a very serious condition, and cases of this kind should be
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at the time of onset. The physical signs were discovered on the seventh,
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they are more comfortable and not likely to have as many tubs. There seems
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carried out the linen need not be disinfected, if the laundry work is done in
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ous, and have received much attention. An excellent account of them is
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metal, and is treated under the section on counter-irri-
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usually employed for patients with hemorrhage or phlebitis, when lifting
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consultant or at autopsy. We should be particularly on our guard when we
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substance in bacteria. Buchner found that his bacterioproteins cause fever
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borne out by life insurance examinations. He also called
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of twenty-four hours patches of membrane of a dirty-white color can be seen.
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weight in t}-phoid (average 1,893 grams in 64 cases) is slight as compared
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to produce much effect, besides a mere detergent one, they
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Some of the most marked examples of rapid resolution I have met with
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The matter of absolute rest involves the prohibition of visitors, and the
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days, and it was followed by desquamation. In two cases there was an
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shown by the following statistics of 34,587 cases collected bv the writers:
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are not characteristic until, as commonly occurs, secondary facial erysipelas
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paring the local lesions due to the diphtheria toxin with those occurring in
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remedies, which it is worth while to briefly point out.
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The following diagram illustrates the mortality of male
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may occur during the height of the disease or in convalescence; the occur-