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above will come down and crush me to death or do some-
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Cosmopolitan in which she cites largely the experi-
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November 12, 1910, the following new cases of and deaths
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at the request of Health Commissioner Evans and Dr.
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ment and, later, several others appeared. Two of these
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Solution of adrenalin chloride (i in 1,000) ,. nixxviii :
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2. After diagnosticating the condition let us study
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one thousand dollars, or imprisonment in the state prison
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Hayden, R., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from
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ing September 3, 1910, the deaths from all causes reported
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mildly astringent application should be made to the
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embryos of various sizes or ages for the purpose of study.
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fluids to the tissues, increases capillary tension, pro-
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pear under the guise of derivatives of the tubercle
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at our command, and acute tulierculosis suspected, yet the
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thirty days' leave of absence from August 30, 1910.
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office or express money order, payable to the A. R. Elliott Publish-
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in occupation, etc. The desirability of different na-
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sional sea. ready and willing to sail with a fair wind
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two causes. First, at one time or other there is an
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alveoli composed of trabeculas of connective tissue con-
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never fail to take into account the age, character,
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the case. It is to this phase of the subject that I
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ulcers healed forming depressed scars. His last physician,
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ing in the morning there was considerable "stiffness" and
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ago said to have been negative ; one and one half years ago
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