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anl«al dies, the record sh«ild he ^tr^. Entries on the anla^il clinical record (as
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gon-aphasia. There is usually some word blindness and the patient becomes
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and also to the course required by the Oollege of Surgeons for the License in
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ments are held for three months by six senior and six junior studenta
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litis the whole cross section of the cord is more or less involved, the paralysis
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Rasmussen, Richard A., a, w, sp, Sheridan, Mich. A.B. (Olivet C.) '36.
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'^'f ^f""^ ''^ ''^^^ '^^O'e zonsu^d throughout the vear, but ^ne
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teristic clinical features. The disease is often a pronounced hereditary and
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Lectures and clinical instruction in Diseases of the Ear. Fee, 15 dols.
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We give the name of spina bifida to a congenital, fissure-formation on the
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obtain noteworthy success even in old and severe cases by great patience and
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sory neuron system. In regard to the cell bodies in the spinal ganglia, those
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are, however, worthy of note, some of them being peculiar to this
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to find himself where he is. Cases of " sudden somnolence " are also almost
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is the general custom in the treatment of syphilis. Besides the specific treat-
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Moore, Franklin Johnson, a, w, sp, Chicago. S.B. '34.
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knowledge of this typical clinical picture, although, for
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same term is to be observed. For every preliminary physiological
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cine, Surgery, Clinical Surgery under one professor. Obstetric Medicine
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not only a palliative but a permanent benefit to injections of morphin in neu-
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Latin Prose. (3) Greeek and Latin Grammar. (4) Arithmetic. (5) Eudid,.
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ginning of tabes, and are generally found to be marked even in the rudi-
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forced movements are on the whole rare and of doubtful value in diagnosis;
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adiiave the learning ^jaetl^ of the imit of Instruction. Kna#1a<^ .
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J. Van Liere in memory of his wife, for advanced work in the Department of Physiology.
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quite fully described in Germany by Griesinger (1864), while in France
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more likely to succumb than natives or those who have become accustomed
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confusion, and the patient seldom can reason so logically as to his delusions.
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diplomas of Bachelor of Letters and of Sciences, can obtain the con-
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during that period in the practice of his profession." The examination
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y'^LT Jl concern about ratJips- contml. The i R.ter
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College is hung up at the Ohi^ Steward's lodge, near the gate.
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The candidate for a medical degree must reside nine terms at the
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pepsia/' Colicky pains, obstinate constipation, occasional diarrhea, and sim-
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congenital or which has at least developed from outward circumstances on
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New York and Pennsylvania; College of Physicians and Surgeons
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instant interference : inhalations of chloroform, subcutaneous injections of
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