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•Crombie, the Commissioner of Folice, the Chairman and Health Oflicer

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recommended. It remains to be seen whether the other

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passages. The conclusion, therefore, is plain that it is due to an actual

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blishment, Secretary to the Surgeon-General with the Government ol

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ically ruined kidneys in chronic interstitial nephritis never show a

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changes, and by some stated to precede the other alterations, are

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considering, in which multiple paralyses of cranial nerves is

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should not, if it be possible to avoid it, run any risk of per-

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less degenerated, but not more so than the texture of other organs,

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The summer dinner of the Irish Medical Schools' and

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have been applied, but found to be no good. Patient is a healthy, big

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has sent for a doctor, the chief desideratum is the doctor's

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neuroses. Chorea, liowever, forms an exception, as demon-

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worn ; and he tells me that my patients would never have

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symptoms become serious; thus, implication of the diaphragm may

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y^sww J*etH In, sweating develops. Recovery may be quite active,

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enlarged and maj extend domi Um the t^r^. kx fewer erf^ be6H( ewly

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iiiovrrcil from vomiting, but soon afterward the skin desquamated

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The spleen has been found enlarged, sometimes greatly so, dark,

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countrymen in a work bearing the title V Idroterapia in Ger-

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HighsolubiUty; (2) neutral reaction; (3) low toxicity; (4) therapeutic-

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the patient was lying on his back the tongue naturally rolled

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The annual meeting of the Ayrshire Medical Club was held

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for both the symptoms and treatment of such patients. We have

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and far superior, but more distant, establishment. He re-

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on November 6th, 1892. He was suffering from an ununited

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so a rheumatic arthritis and a gouty arthritis are often confounded,

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vacancies on the Council of the College. The fourth member

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possible under any system. The procurator fiscal has really

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ive muscular atrophy. The loss of sensation corresponds to the

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attend at the surgery. An average medical practitioner and

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as to produce a great variety of troublesome symptoms, otherwise

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irritability is not lost at the end of a month from the time of

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an infusion of red pepper, of the strength of i dram of red pepper to

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find later on, there may even be no clinical symx)toms in some forms

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