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remove it. On the 24th of January, 1802, he was placed

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only venture to suggest (and we think we fairly may

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then, relieved from their oppressors, in a year or two

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had abated, and the pain in the abdomen was much re-

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the Description, Pathology, and Treatment of the INTES-

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females have testified to the comfort and freedom from

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As to the tendency of chloroform to superinduce hae-

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and that no qualifying body be held to have complied

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lishing a shorthand, authentic, report of it in extenso,

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to the differences of medical treatment, past and present.

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the climate of Bermuda, the minimum space, even when

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The inferior layer is formed by fibres which pass from

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a work of supererogation to indicate in a society of highly

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molecules coalescing, rather than dividing, as then

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interests of public health, to be removed as soon as pos-

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clude from the leader in the Journal of the 21st ult., the title of

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Spender, jNTr. J. K., disease of right heart, and cardiac

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COMPANY {Proprietors!. London Warehouses, 24 and 25, Francis

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quisite to make the instrument as nearly perfect as

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utmost respect, and supported equally from motives of

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Kmmett. AVilliam Henry, Bolton-le-Moors: January 30, 1862

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from twenty-six to thirty-two booklets of large size.

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tient, he may rely on being the subject of tattle and in-

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Edited by SAMUEL WILKS, M.D., Curator. To be had of Mr.

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members of the profession in London and its vicinity,

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Society. With respect to the details of the operation,

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orders specific in kind, and afterwards perhaps com-

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the abdomen, and then making its way into the intes-

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the rank and file of the medical profession, I certainly

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the profession of Canada lias not manifested more in-

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progressive obstetricians in publishing to the world the

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