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Court decision handed down April 12th, Section 2 (Law) :
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stitute, in quantity, the major portion of the second year diet — is
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which there was more or less pronounced urethral contraction, were treated
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first came under observation in November, 1884, suffering from severe
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he cannot afford the continuous treatments requisite to a cure,
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favor of perineal lithotomy was the rapidity of the operation, the com-
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ters bears us out in this belief. The former is exceptionally
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this sufficient to cause protrusion of any internal hemorrhoids.
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of time. Formerly he drank to excess. Psychometrically, he
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The location of pain also varies. It may appear at the costo-
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N. Y., where he was graduated in 1899. This was followed as
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city: (1) The Narcotic Relief Station of Department of Health;
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reason that we find when they do come to operation that the disease
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uncertain, and, upon the whole, without striking results. In several cases of
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positive demand which the ideogenetic factors of the patient's illness
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Reaction to Tuberculin Evidenced by the Blood Changes hitherto Unrec-
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use of resorcin by fumigation and atomization gave good results when the
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tions. Almost invariably the old established leaders have been ig-
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stant dragging weight of the intestines within the cavity soon
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The names of patients not returning are to be handed to the
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Society is vitally interested in and which will come up for considera-