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the periods durin<j which they will continue when left ' posed to the temptations of carelessness and neglect
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fected, and continued so untU within a few hours of
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of Yellow Fever, taken from patients at Swansea, on
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properly restraining his emotions, or some accidental I of the choroid, all of which were entangled in, and
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The evidence furnished by auscultation is of great value, though
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not even feeling stunned at the time of the accident.
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from the barracks, is roughly dealt with in its turn ;
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ditions peculiar to the female — those connected with
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tory hypertrophy develops but imperfectly or not at all. On the
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of uraemia ; and the implication cf the lungs marked
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It is supposed that the parish dustman carries them
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resolution calculated to prevent a repetition of the
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without being itself infected. Even if this were not
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but never identical with it. And so we may be sui'e
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In preparing the paper on the Antecetients of Cancer, which I read at the Annual
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of them live on it to a good old age, though it entails
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Mr. Noble ; from Newcastle-on-Tj-ne, by Dr. William
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place in the gallery of celebrities, and such another
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Atropia iu intestinal obstruction. Dr. Fleming on, 190,
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Davy, Dr. .1., effect of scanty and deficient food, 317
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who are supposed to be, or who are, lunatic. 'WTiat
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the size of a florin, and very fii'm ; w-ithin it, I could
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solid elements cannot be obtained in a nutritive form
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ith hip-disease, which afforded me opportunities of
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choroid and the retina, bulging the retina forwards.