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taste for good literature ; for only a physician can fully appreciate

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ciation (1910-11), of the American Clinical Association (1911-12)

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by Analysis of ninety Cases in Hospital Practice, Amer. Lancet, Detroit,

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classify it as a clever and striking announcement — certain of its

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on the subject, the strongest hold of the mind-healer on popular

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Edward J. Bermingham has been for nearly half a century a promi-

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details, but a profound comprehension of the elementary

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week's ravelled sleeve of care.' There is too much unnecessary

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"A mounted slide bearing some of the so-called tyrosin crys-

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The average mortality of these hospitals would accordingly

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rhages ; and, lastly, they may give rise to the formation of

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142. Examples of the handwriting of patients with writer's cramp .... 261

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there was no pain except in withdrawing and snipping off the iris.

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of l/irij]K\ visiting ihe laiL,'f clinics and hos])itals, and

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the pockets of their patients. No amount of cheap notoriety or

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have in the interior of their thick external envelope a number

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thousands of people, who, with intussusception, hernia, incipient

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structed the nurse to remove the tampon the next morning,

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becoming more and more anxious as to the result of the labor,

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began his more active and studious career of self -education. With

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late for careful research or original investigation. While it is

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these symptoms demonstrate the gravity of this compli-

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cal works, among them being a Chart of Physical Signs,

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They are early (two to fifteen days) or tardy (a few weeks

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as between chloral and strychnine. Thus far I have not had