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lieen shown by measureiucnts of the blo.idllow of the hands and feet.

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monary tuberculosis. The patient stated he was told

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Lymphatic Metastases of Carcinoma of the Colon, Surgery

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Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscott, Perry, Reynolds.

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Mo. ; National Stock Yards, III. ; Indianapolis, Ind. ; Buffalo, N. Y., and Pittsburg, Pa.,

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Vice Presidents, O. T. Blanke, Joplin; S. M. Bailey, Malden;

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rabbits intraperitoneally to such an extent that they would at last

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Small Outbreak of Poliomyelitis in an Apartment House. 395

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in which it is felt by some that potential hyperten-

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till' I'lPMilifioii of contrai'tion or rrlaxation of the dilffrcnt irroups of

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much slower in producing a growth and the colonies were often few and scat-

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called the croxxnl r.rliuxion rrflcr. The occurrence of this toftether with

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connects with a plexus, often called the hypotfastrie, which extends over

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tinuous in a gently rounded notch. From this notch, a rounded,

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the day's work the killing floor was washed with equal parts of cavstic soda and pine

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The experiments indicate that the pancreas, when perfused asep-

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cedure which falls short of being a radical mastec-

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Poljrmorphonudear cells with eosinopkilic rods M.0%

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tion of meat. In one case, where 10 carcasses which had been passed by Federal

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given with four tablespoonfuls of molasses mixed with the feed.

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fxtraci may ll'cn lie lioilcd. liltcrcil tlirini<;li iiiiislin and nearly neutral

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the wording on stickers or seals, must be in English, except that, if so desired, the name

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18. Sherwood. N. P.; Bond, G. C., and Canuteson, R. I.:

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ing it to the rendering tanlEs, and when I confronted them with my interpretation of the

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infants deprived either partially or entirely of breast milk. Messrs. B. C. Palmer,

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Application of Psysiologic and Anatomic Principles in Abdominal Surgery,

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which has been Inspected and passed, another any meats that are not

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In the same room skinned hams were found on the floor, which was not very clean.