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Select Dissertations on several subjects of Medical Science. By Sir Gilbert

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of this syndrome. Under hospital discipline the hysterical manifestations

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and simultaneous determination of the leucocytic count were obtained.

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The impossibility of gaining any idea as to the amount of uro-

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of large doses of sera from patients with moderate intoxication from exophthalmic

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association with mitral stenosis. Arch. Int. Med., 1920, 26, 343. (Arch.

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solution ; washing in water ; counterstaining for \ to \ minute with watery

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In the greater number of kidney cases with oedema the blood is either

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In the sanguiferous system ; , J ' morbid cohesiveness of the

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senile syndromes in which the lesion is the status disintegrationis of C. and

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genous leukemia, 14 chronic myelogenous leukemia, and 3 chronic

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restitutio ad integrum. The author draws from these results the conclusions

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April 23, 10 a.m. Feces abunaant; phthalein, 35 per cent.

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patient can in some cases take a few steps. Pain varies ; sometimes it

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favourable result for several years. The history of the case is given both

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than in the plasma or serum. The red blood cell appears to be the carrier

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'mixture of salvarsan and mercury perchloride. The doses of the per-

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his observation during the last eighteen months he reports one which was

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posed to the air for many days, no opacity of the cornea took

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some be considered somewhat pessimistic. On the other hand, to regard

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temperature. At 48° and higher, haemolysis is produced. The reduction

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Some claim that tubercle bacilli are always to be found, but I

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often tortuous. An ordinary rigid whalebone or steel rod bougie

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plaint. Her situation from this time to her death was very un-

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from peritonsillar abscess were questioned as to the occurrence of this

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ing these lesions he presented e\idence that the bacteria in such

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neoplastic cells are destroyed without injuring the normal tissues, whereas

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as a local agent to control the growth of an experimental rat tumour.

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racemosa due to syphilis of the small cutaneous arteries (Ehrmann) ;

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an attack of typhoid fever in 1893, and between then and her death 21

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out in the chest. Frequent examinations of the chest fail to show constant

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years, with periods of rather severe gastric pain; she suffers with nausea,

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observed ; here the element of disturbance is reduced to a minimum. Russ,

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