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Four colored plates illustrate different stages of bronchitis

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side the external genitals, by which an inversion of the

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lessening the irritability of the parts. It is a good accompaniment

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facilitating the eruptive process. It is equally valuable when

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tage in this troublesome affection both in Europe and this country. The

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moons changes as is sometimes supposed by horsemen, has

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correspond to the fluid portion of the blood — to be the ordinary

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perature can be reduced and maintained at or near the normal

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These effete matters are the result of numerous chemical

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above 5.3 per cent. Under these conditions there will still be a

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The Etiology, Symptomatology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Acquired

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or the character and certainty of these expressions. If we know

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tent fever, and in chronic affections of the respiratory organs,

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employed for the general debility preceding pulmonic affections.

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Crepitance is therefore the evidence of inflammation of the

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left side, at the fourth rib, the heart is encountered, and the note

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disease, and some other chronic affections, we find certain head

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world. It is a contagious disease attacking the feet, mouth,

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value. In severe cases it should be administered hypodermically.

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Usual Prescription. — 1$ Thuja, gtt. x to 5iv; water, giv.

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and, secondly, by withdrawing some of the albuminoid materials

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penetrate to the protoplasm of cells is observed by the readiness

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know that we have to think of this with reference to sleep as

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which will further draw a broad line of distinction, and

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In diseased conditions of the lungs the respiratory murmur

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to recovery from chronic inflammation and the absorption of its