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sents herewith supplementary arguments in favor 'of or-

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infection has arisen at one point and spread gradually

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six months previously. Death from shock in ten hours.

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labor for contracted pelvis results in so high a fetal mortalitr

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Manila. — ^The third class of the Hospital Corps Company of

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each section, the following proposed Constitution and By-

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three hours after the accident (which was a fall from a

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Blectrocution the Degenerates to Prevent their Propagation of their

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lesion. There is probably extensive brain contusion,

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He improved in muscular power perceptibly while imder our

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more, vice-presidents: Dr. Charles E. Brack, Jr., Baltimore,

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29 The Operative Management of Retro-Peritoneal Abscess of

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has been known primary tuberculosis of the pericardium

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which that society in general has achieved, or that you

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series, the pre-antiseptic and the antiseptic. In the

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present time lies in symphyseotomy. He hopes in the future

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medical organization, i.e., unity and concert of opinion, cer-

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but that it is a case of marked gastroptosis with very

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unchanged after the bath ; in 1 case the bath had to be

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with this title. The generally accepted idea that the pathology

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Histologically the ordinal-}' changes of tuberculosis were found.

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a few weeks of irritation about the vulva, some burning

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Gangrene cansed by deligation of external iliac artery on account of

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dilated stomach. Huebner has observed eleven such cases. The

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his 'Tolitica," shows his sanitary acumen when he says :

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dissected from the free edge of the vomer forward about

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statistics that are reported. Thus Dr. C. F. Withing-

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No recurrence in March, 1901, about two and one-half years after operation.

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chiefly on the extent of employment or the fashion at the time.

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periods, and is often mouldy. By microscopic examination Mr.

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present a higher mortality than persons more favorably

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