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in an early type case since. Whether or not he could
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parently ho]ieless cases have been turned into those
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attempt to inflate the lungs by the introduction of the nozzle of a
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from 6 to 8000 inhabitants, it is usual to pay from 6 to £800
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as the partial pressure of the gas reaches a certain
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is after the opening has taken place. If the bacillus must be found
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cough increased ; and exactly a fortnight from the day he com-
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On the lateral aspect of the posterior lobe of the right hemi-
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of this operation. On the other hand, I have seen the windpipe
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rigidity of the neck increased ; there was a marked
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of growth is included, being treated experimentally.
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opportunities of witnessing the misery entailed on the inhabitants of
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shape," is no proof at all of the kind and degree of resistance,
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Dr. Collins, when speaking of natural labour, (p. 6,) remarks,
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not often the result of severe and greatly lengthened labour ;
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knee joint; the former was found to be necrosed, and the latter
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has been opened, that one has assisted in the finding
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pression of the vagi by the tuberculous lymph nodes
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and quickly withdrawn as the child will gag, vomit,
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mit a brief reference to certain anatomical points. The muscles
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initial grants of land to soldiers. In every case, the
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cular fibres ? and we are sure he would unhesitating say No."
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eases, as by actual body contact or droplet inspira-
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nig; wasting of the left thigh and both legs, espe-
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instead of becoming bright and restless, as is usually
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thyroid, for it was not possible to know the rate of
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Medical Director of the New Jersey State Hospital; Lecturer in
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of the individual's ego in the vast majority of cases,
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" Treatment of Bronchitis." — Under this head our author
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mencement of resolution was indicated by a fine crepitus in the
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*Read before the Metropolitan Medical Society, New York.
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diarrhoea, and fevers, are above one-third more numerous at the for-