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the ascaris lumbricoides, both in appearance and life-history.

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tance of albumenoid disease in the production of albuminuria.

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" It is astonishing," he says, " to see with what tenacity, and

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St. Thomas's Street, S.E., March 1.3th. G. Newion Pitt.

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Birt, M.B., Wakefield ; Mr. C. \V. Biden, Laxfield ; Mr. A. \V. Blyth,

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was injected, and great dyspnoea followed. In some thirty

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inner border of the foot. The foot was forcibly straightened,

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Foott, London ; Dr. Hiugaton Fox, London ; Dr. G. S. P. Ferdinands,

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development of chemistry are now acknowledged everywhere,

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the Poor-law Medical Officers' Association, which waited onSir

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