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Surgeons. The house surgeons, who must have dressed for six months
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clindamycinum cena
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difficulty, and the toes usually droop from paresis of
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eyes are almost always rolled up ; more rarely they converge or are turned to
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The treatment of acute bulbar paralysis is, of course, almost hopeless. In
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and £7 7b. in money is awaxded ammally after examination. The
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, The type of acute poliomyelitis of adults, so far as it has been established
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first, are apt to be of a persecutory character; the patient is influenced by
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ralysis of the smaller muscles of the hand (thenar, interossei) and the flexor
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the time between the beginning of the first course and the end of the
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or foreign recognised school during at least three years ; (3) An original thesis
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This is shown both by the similarity in aetiology and symptomatology, and
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junction with the occipital, tumors of the dura, and sometimes even tumors of
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there is sometimes added to the symptoms mentioned the inability to flex the
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without results for a long time ; the more because the actual pathological data
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they will be required to attend another full course of lectures befoi^
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and show some deficit in urea and excess of chlorids ; albuminuria is rare. The
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upon one full course in this College, haying previovsly attended one
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Exa/minations. — The Professional examinations are divided into a
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copy of the invoice, on Slchl^ SntractS 2m iJLfS^^f ^ attacfied to the original
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"^^eS^^?**!^^ M^? further;, you wIM see that the larvae. form cysts (<ton»nt or
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objects, such as needles, drop from his hands. In other cases, of course, the
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perature sense in the skin by no means affect the heat sense and the cold
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The Lofne Scholarship, — Candidates must be Protestants of moral
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vanic current) , a very characteristic persistence of the contraction occurs after
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a^r strear ^he^^e the turbulent acticn nf the air tumbles tne particles into clusters.
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There can hardly be a doubt that this disturbance of speech indicates the
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The paralyzed muscles can also no longer be stimulated reflexly to contract
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,<wit4®foated ijam areas. It gro^s tmsx at ^» F,, twt it is eas d*«^^^*I
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(2) Inner thin layer - results from a partial Hnuefactlon nf tho Woi«e« .,^1 ^
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closely resemble that of a general paralytic. The pupils, however, react nor-
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however, are atrophied, although in the nerve trunks the discovery of degen-
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Children, and, by affiliation the Home for Destitute Crippled Children and the Chi-
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Lutz, Jacob Fredrich, a, w, sp, Java, S.D. S.B. (U. of South Dakota) '36.
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Acute Angioneurotic (Edema {(Edema cutis circumscriptum). — This name