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practice in Massena. . .Dr. L. Miller Harris, formerly

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getting this kind of answer, “Oh, I don’t know —

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his gradual return to consciousness ; and in so doing, the case will present

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self, and now my jaws feel tired.” The history elic-

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ments are pleasing personality, sobriety, ability to

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' 4:11 Selected pictures of the Medical Film Guild,

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New York State leads all others in direct donations

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probable fact, as my patient was plethoric, and as a means

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3. Feo, L. G.: Am. J. Trop. Med. 24:195 (May) 1944.

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INDICATIONS Eczema, infantile eczema, psoriasis, folliculitis, sebor-

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Wyanoids is anatomically correct. It conforms to the

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cut off a piece of tonsil from each stump with a sharp

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Supply: Metandren Linguets, 5 mg. (white, scored) and 10 mg.

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Note. — Since this paper was submitted for publication,

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sion, receives benefit from the treatment with nat-

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some of the more general and less technical types of

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ment continued with alternating applications of heat

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having become a constituent part of the organ, they also participate in

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field members of the state board, Mrs. H. B. Henkel,

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Fever never reaches a crisis under three weeks, or twenty-one

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study, utilizing the contributions drawn from the fields

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what is the therapeutical indication ? without any reference to

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at one o'clock, P. M. The Doctor was called at 10 o'clock,

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and apparently in feeble health. About twelve years ago, she perceived

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aided laboratories have decided to provide complete

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71,139, or 52.07 per cent of the total, were first admis-

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contracted forcibly, whilst the diaphragm at the same time relaxes ; the

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had pituitary disturbances were apt to experience one

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men that aviation medicine is a “general practice”