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In view of these considerations, it is easy to see how a
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not for want of good will on the part of the opponents. There
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Mount Sinai Hospital, where he remained for two years. In the
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and in 1895 was appointed a member of the Faculty of the University
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Thrombosis, following Purulent Otitis Media; Recovery" (Archiv. of Otology,
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ascertained. The following brief history was given : Had pain-
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gives us good sound practical facts in the form of results which
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When Yale College established its thermometric bureau, it
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of others on this subject, I shall have accomplished all I had
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sisted him and lightened his burdens while practising at
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and has achieved a wide reputation as an alienist and a medico-legal
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of the intestinal canal and the organs of respiration, and especially of certain
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nurses, who are lectured daily by the hospital staff of
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on lips and teeth ; upper surface of tongue coated brownish in
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considered mere freaks of memory by many persons. Probably
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drug may produce sopor ; another may produce spasms ; both
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honorary member of the Washington, D. C, Medical and Surgical
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nently successful in abdominal section or laparotomy.
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ficial cervical glands were large and indurated : the inferior liver-
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"Segmental Resection for Gastric Ulcer" (Annals of Surg., Nov., 1916) ; "The
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through auriculo-ventricular opening into auricle and aorta;
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of profound anaemia will be benefited by a certain degree of bodily rest. Thus
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inal and ingenious as Sims's views and methods were,
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About all that is educative in medicine comes to woman
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cured, on Sunday, Jan. 27, extension was made, and the ^weight
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Medical Society of the State of New York, and the American Institute
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household, and held honorable position on the shelf beside the *
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sociation of the Audubon Society ; National Association for the Study
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opathic authority on diseases of the ear. It is richly and sub-
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ciples, and it is greatly through his efforts that the two
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advance made in abdominal surgery, a new impetus to the
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he had had ever since the accident. He left the city on the
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year 1881, where he entered the Woman's Hospital as
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of these facts are themselves at all new : all that is new about
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been in successful operation. The Dannemora State Asylum for in-
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of Pediatrics, Phila., 1889, Vol. 6, 548-550; 1 pi.).
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inhaled, or taken into the stomach, of animals, he proceeded in a
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claims as a conqueror of disease. But the fact of its enthusiastic
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considerably to the literature of his profession. He has always inter-