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even simple tracheotomy is quite common, and as, in most cases,
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(5-6 ounces), and of Marmorek's antistreptococcus serum 10-20 c.c.
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the pills quite regularly and without any intermission for at least twelve
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10,000 to 100,000 bacteria to the c.c. ; but, fortunately, most of
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in manj of them the milk was seeded with the germs of the disease
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Michener, who ought to know, if anyone, declares that he has
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Drs. Felber and (Esterling, graduates of the Veterinary Depart-
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Dr. H. Clay Glover, of Greater New York, says there can be
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and pathology as well, or the study of disease to which the various
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also accomplishes the even more important purpose of relieving the
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for a detailed examination of all the organs. The points of greatest interest
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the cricoid cartilage and the crico-thyroidean membrane, or in other
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b. Some inorganic salts : potassium bromide, potassium chloride,
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cially in surgical cases, one must be prepared for the
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For the first time in many years the American Veterinary College held
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ing as connected witli the jaundiced hue that was so strikingly de-
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vaccination for anthrax has been practised all over the world, and
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of some fifty sheep, following the advent of a rabid dog among
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these institutions is the good work done by the board of our own State, of
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congratulating Philadelphia, in that the city possessed so aggressive
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going on, not as rapidly as we would like, but the education of the people
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to the Jersey BvJletin, taking issue with Editor Jenkins upon his
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Aside from the animal supplying, and the person handling the
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the ''construction'' of the body. Experiments are conducted
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Pathology. The lesions are extremely varied, and but a very
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the condition, age, and sex of the animal. Adult males usually
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lessness, he was placed there without medicines, instruments, or
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now have laws providing for the inspection of cattle with tuber-
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chamber — the Schneiderian or pituitary membrane, as it is specifically
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the disease is infectious, so it does not come within the jurisdiction
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in which we are much interested ; the regulations of all common carriers,
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although his autopsies revealed no lesions attributable to the mites,
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wald ; " The Veterinarian's Place in Society," Dr. Geo. A. Johnson.