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Erysipelas may be complicated by meningitis, which will be indicated by

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large caliber, interfering but little with the stream, may be

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extremities may be developed. The bronchial glands are nearly always en-

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attended with sufficient success to warrant any such procedure. Irri-

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proportion to the length of the fever. Indeed it is often two weeks after

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the processes of pneumonic resolution in the third stage. The red blood

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Intestinal cancer, large gall-stones, faecal masses, and other abdominal

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Differential Diagnosis. — Aortitis sometimes gives rise to symptoms that

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the expectoration, and the rapidity of the phthisical processes, are closely

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ber depending largely upon the severity of the inflammation. Migra-

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and ductus arteriosus so often remain ope7i in congenital atelectasis,

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recorded instances when a piece of diphtheritic membrane is dislcJged

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tions of fever are long, loss of strength is not rapid, and the tongue re-

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1. Purgatives are terribly injurious and should never be allowed.

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communicating with the gall-bladder. A duodenal ulcer may perforate

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extreme obstinacy of the fever, which resists the most systematic use of

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When the obstructions are temporary the contents of the sac are dis-

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pyemia because of the rapid infection of the pus micro-organisms which

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more or less unsatisfactory. In those cases which have come under my

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tor in the development of tubercular disease. This is hardly true. The

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