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Oxford of the cultivation of one of the greatest of the sciences

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hand, wrist, and elbow on both sides were paralysed, supina-

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rich in nucleated cells behaved in a precisely similar way.

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his subordinates in all such cases notified or otherwise com-

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were i iserted, and as the dressings were being applied, th^,

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mitted doubts as to the necessity or advisability of varioiis

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appear to think them, fortunate — animals, is thut they are

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tive, no doubt, had taken place. Mr. Jackson Clarke had re-

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We understand that the Royal Commission on L^niversity

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sentatives wlio are not given to intrigue and the claims of party, but will

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regarding poisonous serpents which has been elicited up to

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with, including the cholera vibrio, contain in their substance

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^/^,E.SENTATiON.-On Thursday, March Uth, Dr. MacauUy

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hieroglyphs, precisely the same as tliat of this bird.

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sutured so as to cut off the general peritoneal cavity, but this

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as no hospital patient lacks iu England. I succeeded in removing him to

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Chicago, and the late and much regretted Mr. McGill,

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much agitation and debate, a Bill was got through Parliament

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ing these facts, PfeiS'er regards the in'^racellular poison of-

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washing. Applications to Walter E. Scott, Secretary, by March 21st.

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dozen times and then souglit for an explanation. Evidently

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the droit despauires : or legally raised contributions from every theatre,

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admirable letters of Professor Thomson and Dr. Clifford

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grimy houses and smirched steeples are glorified by the rays

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This was discovered by micro-chemical investigation ; and the

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Tuberculosis, or Flesh Eating a Cause of Consumption. By Josiah Old-

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The final tie in the Hospitals Football Challenge Cup will

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more commonly combined with iiterine descent than is recto-

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loins than over the ribs, bat even on the abdomen they were not as nu-

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them, and by whom— the parents, or the school authorities? 3. What

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