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an effort is made to extend it, it will often spring forward like a knife-

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here acted upon by the altered gastric juice, and the black hematin re-

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other day, another with two passages per diem, while still another must

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of urinary substances. These symptoms may be similar to the manifesta-

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condition of the small intestine requires a reduction of the carbo-

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the agglutinizing power of the blood and the clinical symptoms, the form

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S. 2. Paralysis of the muscles of the anus and of the bladder. Pare-

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(c) the various anemias; [d] in gouty and rheumatic subjects; (e) in the

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monary atelectasis from compression of the bases of the lungs by the

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quantity. It is not rare, however, in healthy individuals for a deposit

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parenchyma (pyelo-nephritis) is a frequent concomitant of chronic nephro-

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brain and nervous system, characterized by a moderate (often progress-

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fests a greater disposition to the complaint than the male, especially

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sorption. The breath-sounds reappear at first above, and then lower

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mucus, pus, and other morphologic elements are absent from the de-

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the left as far as the spinal column. It may be heard in the vessels of

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others measure 1 or 2 inches (2.5-5 cm.) in diameter. Inflamma-

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a month before I saw her, she lent her douching apparatus to a

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block the stream of nervous impulses in such a way as to overload, as the

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chronic interstitial nephritis, with its characteristic features (slight albu-

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laboratory, established the fact that as a source of infection an

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"while in complete or almost complete closure of the cardia, this mur-

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pancreatic duct or its branches by compression from within or without

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quently loses. So it almost invariably comes about that the kidney

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meter in length. The so-called narrow easts are about equal in width

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sibly vomiting, with or without loss of consciousness. The power to

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lesion in or about the posterior part of the posterior limb of the inter-

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circulation, delirium, and stupor. The temperature-curve runs an

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the iodids, and arsenic may be tried. Rest and easily assimilable food

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A point in differential diagnosis should be noted in connection with

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furnishes good results, relieving decidedly the pain and stiff"ness. Bier,

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