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sion: Medical student, exttrne, then interne of the hospitals,
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" I knew something of French, but of German, which I soon
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either the gastric or pancreatic juice. Amylaceous or farinaceous foods
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A patch of syphilitic aortitis, besides its chances of giving rise to an
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on the vasomotor nerves of the skin leads Boeck to think it affected in this
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liness of the milker and utensils, it should be rapidly cooled,
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wet clay as a dressing in skin diseases. It has the mechanical
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numerous, or are increasing in either number or gravity, or have unfitted the
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that it should be under such regulations as will forestall
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lumen was patulous. These portions were carefully examined
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Dr. Lewis R. Morris, from his personal observations made at Glenwood
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cles overlying the appendix are tense. The patient is in
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in patients with infectious diseases or intoxications. There were eighteen
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months. The ophthalmoscopic phenomena in complete ca.ses consist of
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nerves, are probably nuclear in origin, the result of acute or chronic nu-
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by members of the profession, is borne in the conviction
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ments of precision, and of the use of ' the microscope ; the
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In the four years, 1892-1895 inclusive, 69 cases of contracted pelvis are
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clearly indicated that he would so hold the law to be, should
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least, and by the presence of the tender point on the skull. General
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tinuous maintenance of the pieces at bodily temperature
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nexion with medical education, which are engaging the attention of
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references which I might possibly have otherwise missed.
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they will fit closely and press firmly against each other. Under these
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T. Parkes, of Chicago, also spoke of the operation in 1885, and pro-
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of the insula the more numerous are the important branches of
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except that she is and has been very ill. Her facial expres-
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rest, bending down along one side, or across the body. Sometimes a
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suggests a method, whose principles are the same as those
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number of colonies present in the contents of the different parts of the ali-
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Lumen In Intestinal Surgery," by Dr. F. Gregory Connell, Chicago ;
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entirely separated from the surrounding tissue. It was necessary to remove
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with a large pad. CVoum and appendix loosened and a larje
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regard to this point are noticed. He thinks, however, not-
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