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or complete and a negative spinal fluid obtained. Before such results

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author, following Kartulis's recommendation, uses II/2-2I/2 L.

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gradual (see p. 437). The author very rarely uses nutrient enemas, as

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Malay race, and while there are very few pure Malays

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and away from corn-plants whenever placed in moist, fresh manure.

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conditions to be hereafter noticed. The first intimation of the nature

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spleen in situ to hold back the abdominal organs while

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there for one-half to three-quarters of an hour at least. At the same time

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neys, in diminished biliary secretion, and in pregnancy.

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being slaughtered at the rate of 200 to 600 an hour. Swine-

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possible to punish the yellow journals, who are only curs of jour-

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Catharsis. — Where the accumulation of gas, intestinal colic, and

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manner; answers very rare and doubtful; mouth more distorted, more

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in cows the bovine is more virulent than the human, and that the germs

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shall very brietiy take up the results of splenectomy in some of the dis-

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when resown in vitro in the open air or in the vacuum, in any one

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father leaves much to be hoped for from instruction at schools and col-

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of unthriftiness and anaemic condition. Prognosis doubtful.

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friction, with a stimulating liniment, and left him. But between five

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tributors, we shall endeavor to continue to advance and enhance

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of the vessels, (6) pregnancy, the puerperium, lactation, or menstruation.

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Lower Bengal or the South of India where it is common.

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EoissEAu also, in his Nosographie Organique, supports the doc-

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articles which have come in contact with the patient should be boiled

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given way to marked improvement, which bids fair, in fact, is certain, to

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all these signs is problematic, because they only occur when the

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ent. Hanoi's cirrJwsis, presenting a moderately enlarged spleen, oc-

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in the preservation of their health, in their employment as useful

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IJ Bismuth i subnitratis 0.50-1.00 gr. viiss-gr. xv

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service in a few instances. To influence the motor activity, the author

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by Nocard, be considered as having recovered from the disease;

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lege parent to renew their devotion to her interests and to learn how better

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often retention or suppression of urine. Now the colchicum, when ge-

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ments. Often diarrhoea is a consequence of too much nicotine and the

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Dr. H. W. Stedman, formerly of Toronto, Can., has located at

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