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skin, varying in size from that of a hazel-nut to that of a fist, situated
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and standardising special vaccines, the task of controlling the
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the formation of the cyst. At first only a moderate peritonitis was
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the supply of healthy nourishment to the poor by soup and eating
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assumed all the character of an infective endocarditis. " But
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great number have occurred at short intervals. The evacuations are
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is not merely a consequence of much drinking, but rather that the
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larger than in the first attack. During this second paroxysm, the
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however, and multiplying the difference by two, one obtains
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deposits of these salts. In such cases the joints are often much de-
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douches, by giving quantities of water with or without the addition
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color in twenty-four hours, but at this time grow darker, and remain
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vice ; and, as there are few patients that can be treated entirely with-
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gradually replace the parenchyma of the kidney. Sometimes the can-
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granules. In some of the larger cells, the nucleus is of slightly
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leucocytes, and other cells, in fact an heterocytolytic. A still
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apoplexy rarely develops gradually and probably only does so when
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PROGNOSIS. While recovery from acute diffuse nephritis is by
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count of the presence or appearance of the menses. Indeed, owing to
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than the peripheral termination. This view is favored first by the
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When blood is drawn into a capsule and allowed to clot, if the coagulation
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eases, whose germs develop outside of the body, but are also repro-
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inflammation of the vertebrae, or upon spinal irritation, for we do not
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in almost every instance, we have referred to the state cf the blood in