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the tumor disappeared during the puerperal state without interference.

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One-half cup of butter, one of sugar, two of flour,

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or with ozone, by the use of gas and a Bunsen burner.

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and effectively with any case of snake-bite that may fall to his care,

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extend from coast level to two thousand feet upland; the temperate

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to be tuberculous. At the end of several weeks the abscess which

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hypodermic injection of ether, digitalin, or caffeine is well indicated.

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March 8th : The ordinary treatment had been used. Result nearly

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It must be remembered that our resorts at high altitude furnish us

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tion two and one-half hours. The left arm was only extended a little

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the uncomplicated influenzal infection, Levinson {Jour. Infect. Dis.,

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material is in the region of the face, or near the genital region, it is

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looks for new arguments in favor of his view in experiments by intra-

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120. Clavier: Peritonite tuberculeuse. Thfise de Paris, 1895.

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of practical interest. Confirming the frequent presence of tubercle

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& Co. and 4) that as a result of the time study done, HMA provide

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tical purposes of life. Says an eloquent writer, " Hitherto

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applied N. P., long cord, over tlie face, m^'k and jaw, also in

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gency of the symptoms. Apply with a camel-hair pencil on

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4. Robert Koch ; Die Aetiologie der Tuberkulose. Berliner klinische Woclien-

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as belonging to the category of connective-tissue cells.

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chronic disease, a societal failing, a reflection of a generation of

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children to be described later on. Any child said by the teachers to

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tuberculous rabbit produced at the point of inoculation necrosis of

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have pronounced tuberculous histories. One had two brothers and

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Recent investigations have shown that it contains fine fibrils, which

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the community, colleagues, state associations, county societies and

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dark violet spleen was found lying transversely in the lower part of

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