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either rectified or extracted. When there is only an accidental inver-
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fiill dose or laudanum, say 50 drops, mib a teaspoonM of Titriolie
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seat, since the ulcerations generally occupy Peyer's glands. We may
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non broche. The only declaration made was, that the poor men in the
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eight monlhs old. I am informed that the preparation of it is much
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ments of the cord in two children examined by Bonome and Cervesato.
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the face. The mouth may be absent or represented only by a small aperture ;
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DrBD,--At Newberry District, S. C, Dr. Elyah Gates, a native of Maasidii-
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atrophied or diseased parts carry out the functions of a healthy life.
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the chancre is the local indication. The simplest means are usually
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which only paroxysms of cramp-like pain of the stomach or eructations and
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with a very large hotel, filled with invaUds in winter. The sea-fogs are at
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divided bone begbn to diminish in size, and shorten in length. By a
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by each finger in turn, while a slight stroking with the fingers on the side parts
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which are well qualified by their elevation, dryness, and sunshine to be
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disease. It may act erfif!ienily in suppre<;sed ciitanietiia, and perhaps in
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any degree of thoroughness till the nineteenth century, and it has been left
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Sufficient attention will be paid to Practical Anatomy.
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years. Injection of the surface of the brain with slight ecchymosis was
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The joints are less often affected in tertiary syphilis than the bones.
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Randolph, Vt. ; John M. Andrew, M.D., Remsota, Oneida Co., N. T. ;
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men who are desirous of increasing their libraries with good and substan-
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In the preparation of animal vaccine lymph, one of the many
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its virulent contents on an epithelial or endothelial surface. The condition
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were protruded from under the covering ; and, when I asked to see her
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clinical lecrures on the cases they witnes.^ there. Instruction, by lectures or ezamlnaUoas, viB k
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tion and sublimation than the bichloride. The consumption of calomel
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press Dr. A. H. Stevens's Two Lectures on Lithotomy, and one on Dis-
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itself to produce all the lesions met with in the disease called tuberculosis.
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Ik tooimection with the course of lectures which I have repeatedly de-
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except in one instance. Latterly, nothing of the kind had occurred.
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sealed up with guttapercha ; a post of gold or platinum is adapted to the
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io drops^ and assumes a tubercular appearance." P. 64. Fortunately,
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adjective melanotic is applied on account of its blackness. This is due to
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surface is covered oy epithelium. The contents of the cavity vary ; sometimes
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temporising policy, and not to give the patient mercury until there is
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attacks of pain and vomiting may be the sole cause for which the patient
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on examining the body, tubercular abscesses were found in the eyelids,
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The combined views of these enlightened men have tended to improve
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small caseous deposits, which would indicate that recovery may take place