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Mr. Alfred Deards, butcher, of Burry Port. The jury added

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one case of ureteric and vesico-vaginal fistula ; one case of

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peritoneal cavity. Even if no visceral lesion be found, this


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counted ; of the remainder, twelve had to he sent on sick leave at dif-

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spores in surface water, namely, the action of direct sunshine.

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mouth ; Mr. W. R. H. Stewart, London ; Mr. W. Stamford, London ;.

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took part, Klemperer stated that lie is at present occupied

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septic condition was soon established, as manifested by the

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the results of the inquiry by the Commission while travelling

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practitioners of the<'ityand the managing body of the Provident Dis-

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At the time of the appearance of the rash the boy was very

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of this drug before the profession, it is the bonoden duty ot every

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Two factors seem to especially determine the relation be-

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of the question, were well qualified to testify intelligently.

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but the lungs have steadily grown worse, and now his larynx

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the hops appear to set up a condition similar to the so-called

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showed that death was due to injuries caused by an illegal

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Sir Andrew Clark, Sir James Paget, Sir Joseph Fayrer, and

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and county councils' powers relative to infectious hospitals. If this be

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Professor of Surgery, University College, London, aged 49.

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in rare instances from the back below the twelfth rib, follow-

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it is the privilege of a free man to accept grandmotherly

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I may also add that I never suggested that such acutely

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been put on county councils to appoint medical officers who

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pubie bones part is considerable and sufficient to allow of

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of Parliament evidently was to leave the decision of that

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cannot make the slightest pressure with his lids on the eye- t

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to excuse the rash assertions and intemperate passages which

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Massachusetts House of Representatives under the constitu-

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B. Lockwood, London ; Mr. W. B. Lewis, Wakefield ; Messrs. Lea

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certificate, then the ease should be reported to the coroner.

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swelling as low down as possible, and the tumour is cut away

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