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it was also concluded that aconitin "does not cause

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thirty days' leave of absence from December 1, 1910.

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mining the exact situation of a bullet in the brain

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crystallizable, glucoside ; which possesses in a high

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days, but that it i§ more intense immediately after

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chest position and the filHng of the rectum with hot

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association, the State society, the local county so-

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8. Deformity of Both Hands Occurring in a Child De-

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is added to the diet. The possibility of administer-

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form was regarded as the mixture of indigo with the or-

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business taking him to Detroit, he consulted a physician

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it shall be compulsory for each and every institution in the

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Richet's remarkable discovery, that certain poisons

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ous sorts about the room or upon the clothing ; a very

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in feet and legs, ulnar sides, of hands and weak knees,

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most care given to the physical examination of their

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tion of the attending physician until only very re-

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Dr. Woods Hutchinson, of New York, delivered an ad-

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enter a sanatorium for treatment, — first, because

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two classes of climate, as briefly expressed as pos-

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ating cystoscope ( Buerger ).'■ The electrode was directed

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cerebrospinal fluid creamy in color escaped. At the level

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duce the total toxicity, increase the spirillocidal

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Wednesday, December 14th. — New York Pathological So-

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idly remove the intoxications which are the cause of

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Case VI. Stewart and Campbell. 1901 (7). Male; age,

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in the Sheffield Scientific School. Tn the medical school

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very disappc^inting on account of its incompleteness

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tides of the adult. In the nephritides of childhood

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ance ; they become shriveled up ; the phagocytes are

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generally in use. With this plate it is possible to

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essential to appreciate the excellency of this agent,