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may rank among the exciting causes of haemorrhoids. If it be true, as

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brought in contact with other parts, the epithelium will be soonest and

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from a careful analysis of the reported cases of other observers, which

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any material changes in the central organs to be seen on postmortem

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which, if the pain be severe, the patient becomes very pale and cool

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he had himself most distinctly observed after his own con-

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supposed normal size of the urethra as indicated by the size

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steady convalescence followed, the liver receding until it was only just

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more frequently resorted to or recommended in the treatment

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nothing of what the course of the disease has been. In chronic tuber-

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generally proceed from the noduli Morganii We must beware of

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parasites play a septic role at least by transmission of pathogenic bacteria and

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palpitation than those whose heart is actually diseased ; and, of all the

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" We may, then, affirm as a most imjportant axiom, that the

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abscess following otitis media, one of cerebral softening and one of

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and metastatic abscess will be the result. We have discussed the pa-

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the next morning it was centrifugated, the serum drawn off from the clot and

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Treatment. — Treatment of nervous palpitation demands, above

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returned by vomiting. The great advantage of having the

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Under conditions similar to those under which metastatic infarctions

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well as the men are workers in hemp, but those who have never engaged

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sive prominence and resistance of the epigastrium. Percussion of the

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the same is true of these appearances as has been said of several of the

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chlorosis, render it probable that the affection is nervous in character;

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The diseases more prevalent anions the Filipino troops are shown in

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2. The Waxy For7n. — This also has three stages : (1.) That

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question of the contagiousness of yellow fever, inclining to

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even under equal circumstances, is the statistical fact that

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intestines, is the most constant, and occasionally the only symptom of

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moved from the chest, that the lungs maintain their normal contour, in

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to the lobule. Ova are usually present in small numbers in these nodules.

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with that discrete neoplastic generation of aggregate masses of con-

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the heart, and microscopic examination reveals its degeneration. At

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symptom. Trousseau, who considered that it arose from the dyspepsia,

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able for their nourishment. This conclusion was unavoidable :

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along with popular education, to be the organization of a good service

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which follows by a more extended interval, is produced in the arteries

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nerves are divided and their central ends irritated. Of course the

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Growth was obtained with difficulty directly from the lesions, but the later trans-

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stitution of the gastric juice is totally changed, some constituents