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interfered with. The patient was bright and made no straining efforts,

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changes which the lung has undergone. It is, however, certain that

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chest Reybard suggested providing the cannula with a .short tube of

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few doctors would be sharp enough to find them ; that

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occur in varied combination, but the principal lesions are confined to

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President to make parish medical appointments permanent, the same

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white points and little patches. Palpation reveals hardened granules

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pigments, but was slightly albuminous (about ']\ grains of albumen

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The parts having been prepared, my colleague M. Aim)- made, at

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examination on the body, stated that the cause of death was a trans-

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moving a vote of thanks to the retiring President, and also to the Vice-

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kidneys, therefore, to the naked eye, presented much the characters of

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fluences. Iodine is known to have a specific influence on bronchocele,

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forearm increased in prominence and extent. On palpation it seemed

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which a thin film of cotton wool has been wrapped, saturated in the

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wards upstairs, but not to the same ward in which she was previously,

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roused. He gradually became unconscious, and died on the evening

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Tliere are, I believe, very few cases on record in which the lieart has

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Baby-farming may for the moment, so far as we are concerned, be

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Mr. Gregson ; the President, Dr. Charlton ; and Dr. Philipson, Local

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racter of the rough portion of the murmur was supposed to be ascer-

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discovered, but the tuberculous lesion developed at the point of inocu-

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" The Section started with seventy-members. At the end of its first

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the radius and the ulna; and its sides may be called hence radial and

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He could not sit still, and, getting out, finished the

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pital suffering from psoas abscess. On opening the head, the arachnoid