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ical outline; and a long narrow pulley-like bone (small
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named, aromatics (oil of anise, oil of cajeput, oil of juni-
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horse and ass ; horse and ox ; ox ; goat ; swine, and dog
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even the comers of the mouth are strongly retracted.
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'•Lobar Pneumonia," by ville, N. C 10 ^^■^■> Goldsboro, N. C. . 78
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72 cases of double tertian infection treated at the dispensary. Of these,
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Fine particles of malarial pigment may he seen within the endothelial cells of the
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HOW SUPPLIED: NOVAFED A Is supplied In red and orange
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edges torn (not cut) and softened in water to allow of its
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able in the teat and up into the gland. From polypus in
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Keep the young sheep at all times in good, thriving con-
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to this cause, but to an associated bacterial infection. Manson and
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paid to the possible responsibility of other etiological fistctors, such
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without having passed through the crescentic stage. While, in the
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he bad 41 baths m the relapse. The fever persisted for 16 days —
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tremities (legs, tail, ears, horns, nose) are cold, and the
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pital, and about the twenty-first day of the disease.
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things, requiring special restrictive measures. To illus-
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Within sixty days after the meeting of the State Con-
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which will, by its solvent properties, render less difficult the expectoration
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AMA is entitled to use second- and third-class mailing rates. “No further action is
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ends being easily felt beneath the skin. But in very
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In case it arises from a poisoned wound, cauterize the
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parts, again washing our hands and arms; we then with a previously
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million for fiscal 1977 for the Institute, part of the National
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Harris G., aged 24 (Hosp. No. 8600), admitted November 10th,
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thought that he was sufiering from the effects of a sun-stroke. He was given a tonic
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the length of stay in the hospital, or the condition on admission.
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that a large number of Adams' operations relapse; whereas, those
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There is a reason for this. This (Fig. 2) photograph of the hand
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oxysms when the segmenting organisms, although usually still present