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the lower surface of the small sesamoid bone of the foot,

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tincture of iodine, or a solution of corrosive subUmate (40

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corpuscles have the same size as the white globules of the

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recovered. The first two cases we will quote from Dr. Osier's note in

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l)owels, the small masses of dung covered with a film ol

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ature, strong rapid pulse and quickened breathing, dry

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fever a year ago ; chills at uncertain intervals. He has been living recently in a

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or confluent like Sheep-pox, and the severity corresponds.

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gion whenever brought into intimate contact therewith.

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be attained is doubtful ; but a nearer approach to complete immunity

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In severe cases these may be preceded by fomentations.

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secretions (renal and cutaneous) of 309 ation reaches a certain degree the toxic pro-

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of the lungs that was denied to be the lung fever by the

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That’s why the increased efficiency of the drug approval

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with bone forceps until a healthy surface is exposed.

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to have been only the fourth day of his disease. 15 cases were seen

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Precautions: Blurred vision may be a significant symptom that warrants a

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line along the chest as in hydrothorax, but is like an in-

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and the parasites, which become the prey of the leucocytes, or which

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that we need a national health insurance program — I mean to


parts of the circulation, at the beginning of the paroxysm a marked

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The gait is stiff and straddling. There is fever, usually

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1-2 oz; ox 2-4 oz; ass I oz; sheep 2-4 drs; swine 1-3 drs; dog 10-30 grs.

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PHOTO-ENORAyiNOS to Illustrate accepted articles wll be made free of charge, if proper drawings or neg^

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ful teaching power as "Gray." This mar- and warm welcome from practitioners, but

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Health Service Corps (NHSC), the new medical education bill

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part of the lung or there may be an area of no sound en-

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never been known to generate it. The primary origin of

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were no more seen in the peripheral circulation. Seven or eight

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diagnosis of mycoplasmal pneumonia. 1 - 3 In reachir

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decided to abandon its use. Happily for By Chas. A. Stedman, M. D., Cleveland, O.

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flfith the finger, the presence of a black spot on some part

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percent interest be paid on all claims outstanding 45 days or older. MSC approval to proceed with the lawsuit and instruct

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sore ia which case it must be removed by the knife.

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appear to run out from the pigment masses enclosed within the cells.

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