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liver. Liver-rot, Fluke-disease. Fasciola Hepatica. Distomum Lanceo-
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b) Due to the resignation of Dr. Ed Tennant, a vacancy will exist on the State Board of Health. Please call Ms. Tempest if
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The notes which Dr. H. M. Thomas took at his first visit are
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The hair is shaved from the flank a little below the angle
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pay legal fees of CMS; 4) that the State agree that as of July 1, it will comply with the State statute requiring that one
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XI Intemat Med. Cong., Borne, March, 1894. Britbh Med. Journal,
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The October, '87 Mini-Internship Program saw KUSA-TV News Medical Reporter Sherry Sellers assigned to intern with Dr.
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Meeting and shall hold an open forum at each Interim Meeting to hear prospective nominees. The Nominating Committee
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attended by some arching of the back, an extension of
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In other words, it has been shown that while, r^ularly, the cycle of
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For shght bums apply cold water, Goulard water, water
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As already observed, Lister's early work, though abounding with
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1895, on the 14th day of his fever. The temperature range was high
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there is much soreness in one or both calves, without redness, without
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Body of a medium sized, slightly built, somewhat emaciated woman.
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“Alcohol Health and Research World,” which has been
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Contagion takes place through the bowel discharges, and
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while calves. Mr. Harvey, of Glasgow, packed his calvoa
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“not without a great deal of anguish . . . but we no longer
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having been passed through a hole in a sterile towel, the meatus
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Of these, 75 gave a history of having had tertian paroxysms. Of the
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botulism. For the increasing number of home canners
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orous treatment as the use of a stiff brush in the vagina.
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cover it with several dry blankets so that no part is exposed,
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effect. stenocardia. The cerebral trouble is slowly
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observed the first symptoms of the affection ; this shows several inter-
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There’s a Word for It, Richard J. Noveroske, M.D., Evansville 753
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placing my hand over the uterus it seemed the usual quantity of ergot. administered in