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The paroxysm lasted for 24 hours, and was followed by heavy sweats.


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The tongue is dry, pulse 96, regular and of very fair volume. He is extremely rest-

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BulL d. Soc Lane d. Osp. d. Boma, 1892 (11 April, 1891), XI, 103.

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of profound weakness. At noon the temperature began to rise and

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morbid processes for the relief of which the operation is done. We

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cases one sees only a few ordinary leucocytes with pigment granules,

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followed by hot skin, with increased temperature, quick but

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protoplasm is scarcely visible, owing to the presence of the large

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Norway, Denmark, Oldenburg, Schleswig, Massachusetts,

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At the edge of the infiltration it can be readily seen that many of the

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Messrs. Niedlinger, Schmidt & Co., brewers, 406 E.

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intestine, while the former are due to capillary embolism. He is not

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The Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion permitting it until

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